Yannick Chevalier

Yannick Chevalier

Technical advisor
Using pedagogy and rigour to pass on my passion and know-how to bakers.
Yannick Chevalier

I introduce myself

After getting several bakery diplomas, I became a bakery teacher at a CFA (training centre for apprentices). I enjoyed passing on my know-how and teaching young people so much that this experience made me want to work for a miller. I have been working for Grands Moulins de Paris for four years now.

My job at Grands Moulins de Paris involves: 

Using pedagogy and rigour to pass on my passion and know-how to bakers.

Giving them tips and recipes for meeting their customers' expectations using our mixes and flours.

Growing their business, as well as improving their organisational skills in order to preserve their work/life balance.

What I love about my job:

Teamwork: Technical advisors are in contact with customers in their bakeries, but also exchange ideas with the commercial teams every day. Everyone shares the workload and we are all proud of our customers' success!

Participation in trade fairs. These events allow us to take the time to meet with and talk to bakers about new products and developments to promote. They are friendly but professional events. They bring our teams closer as well as building relationships with customers.

What I'm most proud of during my time at Grands Moulins de Paris:

For two consecutive years, I mentored two candidates for the Concours Jeunes Entrepreneurs www.concoursboulangerie-cje.com  – a competition organised by GMP for young entrepreneurs who want to open their first artisan bakery.

After having coached and prepared them for the competition, both qualified for the national final and finished in the top three.

Since then, one of them has opened a bakery and the other finally became a Technical Advisor, which is a great recognition of their talent!

My favourite Grands Moulins de Paris product:

It's a difficult choice because when you work with the products every day, you love them all. But if I need to make an original choice, I would go for the Copaline Graines. For me, it's the best multi-seed baguette in the range. Its intense taste of five toasted seeds brings an exceptional aroma to the crust after baking. From breakfast to dinner – I can always find something I like!