Innovation 2015 - Francine's resealable bag !

Publié le 06/11/2015

Cooking from scratch is a big trend right now, but consumers find leaky flour bags a real pain !

Packaging available on the market has always leaked, leaving cupboards dirty and cooks frustrated. They are crying out for a better solution - two studies carried out by Francine showed that 87% of consumers would be interested in leak-proof flour packaging. Conscious of this, French flour market leader Francine has come up with a clever and practical packaging solution in the form of a resealable bag!          

The new system incorporates a strong, flexible plastic strip which can be used to open and close the bag as many times as necessary. Francine has also reinforced the bottom of its flour bags by cutting them differently to avoid leaks and keep the product fresher.

                Gone are the days of flour leaking onto the worktop! You can find the new Francine flour bags in the store-cupboard department of your supermarket or in the flour section of our website.

Francine, cooking up good ideas!