Moul-Bie launches a new T65 traditional flour !

Publié le 03/11/2015

Simplify your work with our new T65 traditional French flour, with exceptional hydration rates and high proving tolerance.

The "Traditional French Baguette" makes up 27 % of total baguette sales in French craft bakeries.

Attentive to market needs, Moul-Bie has launched a T65 "Traditional French flour" that is free from additives, in accordance with the "French bread decree" of 13 September 1993.

This traditional French baguette has everything consumers love :

  • A mild flavour
  • A cream-coloured and open crumb
  • A very crunchy crust.
  • Long shelf life

Contact your sales representative to try Moul-Bie's new T65 Traditional French flour !